PhD Students (Supervisor)

  • Vaibhav Bajpai, Jacobs University (PhD 2016)
    “Understanding the Impact of Network Infrastructure Changes using Large-Scale Measurement Platforms”
  • Iyad Tumar, Jacobs University (PhD 2010)
    “Resource Management of Disruption Tolerant Networks”
  • Ha Manh Tran, Jacobs University (PhD 2009)
    “Distributed Case-based Reasoning”

PhD Students (Committee Member)

  • Jair Santanna, University of Twente (PhD 2017)
    “DDoS as a Service: Investigating Booter Websites”
  • Roland van Rijswijk-Deij, University of Twente (PhD 2017)
    “Improving DNS Security: A Measurement-Based Approach”
  • Anthéa Mayzaud, Université de Lorraine (PhD 2016)
    “Monitoring and Security for the RPL-based Internet of Things”
  • Misbah Uddin, KTH Stockholm (PhD 2016)
    “A Bottom-Up Approach to Real-Time Search in Large Networks and Clouds”
  • Ronny Klauck, Technical University Cottbus (PhD 2016)
    “Seamless Integration of Smart Objects into the Internet using XMPP and mDNS/DNS-SD”
  • Jörg Jung, University of Potsdam (PhD 2015)
    “Efficient Credit based Server Load Balancing”
  • Anna Sperotto, Univeristy of Twente (PhD 2010)
    “Flow-Based Intrusion Detection”
  • Hamed Bastani, Jacobs University (PhD 2009)
    “Spatial Positioning with Wireless Chirp Spread Spectrum Ranging”
  • Kyrre Begnum, University of Oslo / Oslo University College (PhD 2008)
    “Towards Autonomic Management in System Administration”
  • Hrishikesh Venkataraman, Jacobs University (PhD 2007)
    “Performance Analysis of Multihop Wireless Networks”
  • Elmar Ludwig, University of Osnabrück (PhD 2006)
    “Multi-threaded User Interfaces in Java”
  • Martijn N. Rooker, Jacobs University (PhD 2005)
    “Communicative Exploration - A Multi-Robot Exploration Approach”

Master Students

Bachelor Students

  • Felix Schmoll (BSc 2017)
    “On the Resilience of Software-Defined Network Controllers”
  • Ozan Kaya (BSc 2017)
    “Comparison of IPv6 and IPv4 Geolocation Accuracy”
  • Leonhard Kuboschek (BSc 2017)
    “Effect of Content Delivery Networks on Measured IPv6 Adoption”
  • Inti Gabriel Mendoza Estrada (BSc 2017)
    “QUIC – an Experimental Analysis and Comparison Against TCP”
  • Annu Thappa (BSc 2016)
    “Extending OpenDaylight to Communicate with LMAP Agents”
  • Nicholas Matthew Lee (BSc 2016)
    “A Big Data DNS Analysis: IPv6 Email Readiness, Caching Behavior, and Host Identification”
  • Otar Bichiashvili (BSc 2015)
    “Large-scale TCP Throughput Performance Measurement over IPv4 and IPv6”
  • Vlad Ungureanu (BSc 2015)
    “Large-Scale Measurement Platforms (LMAP) Protocol Implementation”
  • Victoria Beleuta, Jacobs University (BSc 2014)
    “Generation of Test Cases from YANG Data Models”
  • Durim Morina, Jacobs University (BSc 2013)
    “NFQL Front-End Parser”
  • Boris Espinoza-Kalchev, Jacobs University (BSc 2012)
    “Last-mile IPv6 Teredo Tunneling Performance Evaluation”
  • Prashant Vaibhav, Jacobs University (BSc 2012)
    “Porting the BSD net80211 wireless stack to the Mac OS X kernel”
  • Plamen Sashev Dimitrov, Jacobs University (BSc 2011)
    “TCP Congestion Control Measurements”
  • Johannes Schauer, Jacobs University (BSc 2011)
    “Flowy 2.0: Fast Execution of Stream-based IP Flow Queries”
  • Aleksandar Siljanovski, Jacobs University (BSc 2011)
    “Multicast DNS on Resource Constrained Devices in Low-power Lossy IPv6 Networks”
  • Peter Nemeth, Jacobs University (BSc 2010)
    “Flowy Improvements using Map/Reduce”
  • Vladislav Perelman, Jacobs University (BSc 2010)
    “Flow Signatures of Popular Applications”
  • Shikhar Bhushan, Jacobs University (BSc 2009)
    “A Python Module for NETCONF Clients”
  • Rahul Jain, Jacobs University (BSc 2009)
    “Linux Integration of an IEEE 80.15.4 Transceiver”
  • Kevin Korte, Jacobs University (BSc 2009)
    “Evaluation of 6lowpan Implementations”
  • Yassine Lamrani, Jacobs University (BSc 2009)
    “Linux Driver for an IEEE 802.15.4 Chipset”
  • Krenar Muhidini, Jacobs University (BSc 2009)
    “Securing Wireless Sensor Networks”
  • Semir Elezovic, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “Multi-Touch User Interfaces”
  • Dimitar Nedev, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “FS20 Hardware Interface for MicaZ Motes”
  • Ivan Stefanov, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “FS20 / SNMP Gateway on TinyOS”
  • Vassil Stefanov, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “Mesh Routing for IPv6 over 802.15.4 on TinyOS”
  • Elchin Asgarov, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “Implementation and Evaluation of SSH Session Resumption”
    (paper appeared in IFIP/IEEE IM 2008)
  • Mihai Cretu, Jacobs University (BSc 2008)
    “Session Resumption for the Secure Shell Protocol” (paper appeared in IFIP/IEEE IM 2008)
  • Vladimir Iliev, Jacobs University (BSc 2007)
    “Mesh Routing for Low-Power Mobile Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks Using LOAD”
  • Iliyan Zarov, Jacobs University (BSc 2007)
    “Mesh Routing for Low-Power Mobile Ad-Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks Using DYMO-low”
  • Alexandru Stan, Jacobs University (BSc 2007)
    “Porting the Core of the Contiki operating system to the TelosB and MicaZ platforms”
  • Adrian Djokic, Jacobs University (BSc 2007)
    “MICAz and TelosB Sensor Device Driver Port to Contiki”
  • Kaloyan Kanev, Jacobs University (BSc 2007)
    “SMIng Language Parser For Libsmi”
  • Vladislav Marinov, Jacobs University (BSc 2006)
    “Implementation and Evaluation of the Secure Shell (SSH) Security Model for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)”
    (paper appeared in IFIP/IEEE DSOM 2006 and IEEE TNSM 2011)
  • Veddad Zahiragic, Jacobs University (BSc 2006)
    “A Survey of the State of the Art in the Application of Reasoning Techniques for Network Configuration Management”
  • Arnav Ghai, Jacobs University (BSc 2005)
    “Using Reputation for Trust Generation in Network Management”
  • Matus Harvan, Jacobs University (BSc 2005)
    “Prefix- and Lexicographical-order-preserving IP Address Anonymization”
    (paper appeared in IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2006)
  • Catalin Ciocov, Jacobs University (BSc 2004)
    “NETCONF - Design and Implementation of a Prototype”

Habilitation Students (Committee Member)

  • Robert Koch, Universität der Bundeswehr (2017?)
    “A Framework for Smart Network Defence”
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