Switching from NanoBlogger to Hugo

I have always been a fan of static web pages. When I started to think about a personal web page in 2005, I ended up using NanoBlogger as my content management system since it allowed me to write blog posts in a terminal (over ssh) using my favorite text editor, it did not require much on the server side, and it was a rather cool shell script hack. The world moved on since 2005 and content management systems became really big and also quite usable (I can edit content on them easily even without my most loved browser plugin It’s All text! that allows me to edit HTML textboxes in my favorite text editor).

But now, there is a new move towards static generated content and people have created wonderful tools like hugo that make it really easy and fast to create static web sites with a modern look and feel. So I felt it is time to move on…

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