66. IETF / 20. NMRG / NETCONF Interim in Montreal

I have spend the last week in Montreal where I attended the 66th IETF meeting. The very first IETF meeting I have ever attended was during the summer 1996 in Montreal as well - so I had the pleasure to celebrate 10 years of IETF participation in this nice city where I also got my first IETF experiences. The IETF has changed quite a bit since 1996 - but the funny thing is that the total number of participants back in 1996 in Montreal was 1283 while we had 1257 participants this time in Montreal, almost exactly the same size (again) after then years. What really has changed during the last 10 years, however, is the overall spirit - not only have I become 10 years older, the whole IETF has become 10 years older and the organization shows some clear signs of an aging organization. During the IETF week, we had the 20th NMRG meeting (another reason to celebrate?) where we discussed onging work on network management trace collection and analysis. The IETF week ended with an interim meeting of the NETCONF working group, during which I helped to integrate the notification proposals. I was also curious to see how NETCONF will deal with agent initiated notification delivery over SSH but the WG present in the room was smart enough to declare this out-of-scope for the time being. So the ISMS working group has to solve this puzzle.