IETF Store Opened

The IETF has just opened a store where you can buy official IETF logo wear. This is an interesting new move towards IETF sponsorship since some of the money of each item goes to the IETF. I have no clue how much money this brings, but surely there are a few observations I like to share:

The shop, likely located in the UK, knows shipping rates to Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the USA and of course worldwide. The currency menu allows me to choose between AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR and USD. Not sure how to interpret this, but perhaps worldwide equals Europe? Well, the shipping page says worldwide shipments are in USD - so I am not quite sure how to use the EUR option.

The wear only includes T-shirts, perhaps because it is still summer in the UK. But the IETF being a global organization, this is not the case everywhere. So I would expect to also find sweaters - and since the shop is located in the UK, they really ought to have IETF umbrellas. But anyway, the “I survived the train journey to Maastricht” specialty shirt has the potential to become a true classic. Concerning the coffee mugs, I wonder whether steins would not sell even better.