66. IETF / 20. NMRG / NETCONF Interim in Montreal

I have spend the last week in Montreal where I attended the 66th IETF meeting. The very first IETF meeting I have ever attended was during the summer 1996 in Montreal as well - so I had the pleasure to celebrate 10 years of IETF participation in this nice city where I also got my first IETF experiences. The IETF has changed quite a bit since 1996 - but the funny thing is that the total number of participants back in 1996 in Montreal was 1283 while we had 1257 participants this time in Montreal, almost exactly the same size (again) after then years.

ISMS at the 65. IETF in Dallas (Remote Participation)

The 65th IETF meeting takes place this week in Dallas. Today was the meeting of the ISMS working group, which I co-chaired from my office at IUB. The audio stream from Dallas had at least the quality of international conference calls and jabber allowed me to ask questions, thanks to the jabber scribes. Since remote participation worked pretty well and saved a lot of travel, I might do this again…

ISMS Interim Meeting in Boston

I am just returning from an interim meeting of the ISMS working group of the IETF. The goal of the meeting was to figure out how to send SNMP notification over SSH. The meeting was a success in the sense that we managed to establish a common ground between SNMP experts, SSH experts, and RADIUS experts. However, we did not solve the notification problem - but we understand it better now.


I accepted to co-chair the ISMS working group of the IETF.